Mortgage Broker Marketing Tips that Really Work

One of the most competitive markets is the mortgage business.  If you are a mortgage broker, you need to use affordable yet effective marketing tools to keep up with your competitors.  This article focuses on mortgage advertising through postcards. How can you use postcards to attract more clients?   What are the key elements that make

Why Get A Small Business Equipment Lease

Whether you are the owner of a new business or an established company, you may be confronted with the challenge of equipment financing. Should you purchase new equipment or get bank business loan? Better yet, should you apply for equipment lease financing? What advantages can leasing equipment bring to a small business? In this article,

Trends in Financing Your Business In 2010

Business trends change over the years and for people who run businesses, being aware of those changes is an important factor to survive the market. In the following paragraphs, we will take a look at the developments in financing a business for the year 2010. Angel Investment Angel investors can be individuals or groups in

Save Your Business Budget Through Equipment Lease

A survey conducted by The Equipment Leasing Association reveals that many businesses in the US lease equipment – from the smallest office device like the laptop to the largest machines and vehicles. It has been reported that more than $200 billion worth of equipment are leased each year. If you are a small business owner,

How to Save on Your Next Equipment Lease

The Equipment Leasing Association reports that businesses the United States invest approximately $200 billion on equipment –from large vehicles such as commercial airplanes down to smaller gadgets such laptops and computers. Whether or not this is your first time to apply for equipment lease financing or are about to renew your lease contract, here are

Guide to Leasing IT Equipment

Both big companies and smaller businesses rely on computer technology to run their companies more effectively. Without these important tools, it would be impossible to keep up with the tough competition in the market today. As technology advances, so do businesses and institutions as well. The use of computers and the latest communications devices play

Equipment Lease Tips For Startup Businesses

For a new business, trying to get a bank loan can be a challenge especially without business credit history to back up your loan application. If you need equipment financing is an issue, perhaps you may consider business equipment leasing? Who Can Lease Both new and established businesses are eligible to apply for equipment lease

How to Choose Your Business Equipment Lease Partner

Having decided to get equipment lease financing, do you think you’re ready to find a lease partner for your business? Do you know the factors that should you should consider before making a choice? Here are some recommendations: Reliable Service. Finding a lease company that you can rely on is a crucial aspect when doing