Top Ten Tips to Write Articles that Will Get Published

Well-written articles are tried and tested online marketing tools that work.  In fact, consumers today pay more attention on reading about the product before actually making a purchase.  The use commercials and banner ads still work but not as effectively as providing consumer information.  Thus, every online marketer must learn the art of writing online

Don’t Forget Direct Mail Marketing Tactics

Direct mail is a traditional advertising strategy that can never be overlooked.  In fact, direct mail marketing can now be done both offline and online.  In this article, let’s discuss direct mail marketing tactics that you can apply to ensure the success of your marketing campaigns. Use postcards. Postcards are great tools for encouraging people

Postcard Marketing : Tips and Tricks

This article presents simple yet effective tips that you can do to ensure positive results from your postcard marketing campaign. Set Your Goals What do you want to achieve with your postcard marketing campaign?  Set a clear, specific objective so you’ll know exactly what to work on.  For instance, what do you want your recipients

Top 10 Tips To Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

Blogging is a growing trend in the internet today.  Hobbyists and internet enthusiasts spend hours of their day writing content for their blog or visiting other’s people’s blogs as well.  Most business owners also turn to blogs in marketing their website. In this article, let’s discuss the top ten tips on how to increase traffic

Mortgage Broker Marketing Tips that Really Work

One of the most competitive markets is the mortgage business.  If you are a mortgage broker, you need to use affordable yet effective marketing tools to keep up with your competitors.  This article focuses on mortgage advertising through postcards. How can you use postcards to attract more clients?   What are the key elements that make