Don’t Forget Direct Mail Marketing Tactics

Direct mail is a traditional advertising strategy that can never be overlooked.  In fact, direct mail marketing can now be done both offline and online.  In this article, let’s discuss direct mail marketing tactics that you can apply to ensure the success of your marketing campaigns.

Use postcards. Postcards are great tools for encouraging people to take action. Unlike a regular letter, they do not have to be opened so you can be sure that the recipient will see it.  They contain short, simple messages that are quick to read and easy to understand.  They can be designed to make them more attractive and eye-catching.

The cost for creating, printing and mailing one postcard is far cheaper than a business letter.  No envelope is needed so that’s an additional saving.  Furthermore, advertising with postcards make it easier for entrepreneurs to track the results of their campaign.

Offer a discount or a free gift. People love to receive discounts or freebies.  A postcard can double as a discount coupon or a voucher to claim the free gift.

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